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March 25, 2013

Humane Society International Praises The Park Kolkata for Leadership in Animal Welfare in Bengal

Humane Society International/India

  • The Park Kolkata's initiative is an important step towards promoting higher animal welfare standards in the food industry in India. HSI

KOLKATA, India—Humane Society International praises The Park Kolkata for ending its procurement of eggs from caged hens, and adopting a cage-free policy. In doing so, the hotel joins an international movement against the inhumane confinement of egg-laying hens in barren battery cages.

Chef Sharad Dewan, director, food production, The Park Kolkata, said: “The Park Kolkata has chosen to use cage-free eggs as we are committed to having a socially responsible business and want to have a positive impact on the environment and animals.”

Most egg-laying hens in India are confined in battery cages that provide each bird less space than a standard size sheet of paper to spend her entire life. By not using eggs from hens in battery cages, The Park Kolkata has taken an important step towards promoting higher animal welfare standards in the food industry.

N. G. Jayasimha, HSI/India director, praised the hotel’s decision and said: “The Park is setting a positive example for others in the Indian hospitality industry. Humane Society International/India commends The Park’s decision to help improve the treatment of farm animals.”


  • Indian factory farms confine approximately 200 million hens in barren battery cages. Each bird lives within a space smaller than a single sheet of paper for more than a year before she’s slaughtered.
  • Factory farms that confine more than 50,000 birds within a single shed are increasingly common in India.
  • Cage-free hens have more space and are able to walk, fully spread their wings, and lay their eggs in nests – all behaviors denied to hens confined in barren battery cages.


Media Contact: Arkaprava Bhar, abhar@hsi.org

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