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June 12, 2014

HSI/India Applauds Directive to Ban Non-Therapeutic Antibiotics in Animal Feed

Humane Society International/India

  • Bradley Murray/istock

Humane Society International/India welcomes the Drug Controller General and Agriculture ministry’s directive urging the State Governments to stop using antibiotics and hormones  in animal agriculture. They also have called for strict implementation of a 2012 law that mandates a gap between the time an animal is given a drug for medical purposes and sale of food products from that animal.

HSI/India’s managing director, N. G Jayasimha, said: “We applaud the stringent action taken by DCGI and the agricultural ministry to withdraw antibiotics and hormones from animal feed. This directive will further DCGI’s exemplary vision of ensuring maximum animal safety in the country and making this planet a better place for all living beings.”

Animals on factory farms such as chickens, cattle, and pigs are continually fed antibiotics to enhance their growth, increasing antibiotic resistance in both humans and animals.

In response to this public health threat, the European Union, almost a decade ago, imposed a ban on the use of antibiotics of human importance in farm animals for non-treatment purposes. The US government has also started phasing out some of these antibiotics. HSI and its partner organizations have strongly opposed the use of antibiotics in farm-animal feed. HSI also submitted a paper on antibiotics to the Indian government asking them to discontinue their use in animal feed.

Media Contact: HSI/India: Navamita Mukherjee, +919985472760, nmukherjee@hsi.org

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