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May 15, 2015

Humane Society International Pledges Long-term Help for Animals Affected by Nepal Earthquakes

Up to nine million animals were affected by earthquake and aftershocks, HSI estimates

Humane Society International

  • The damage caused by the quake is staggering. John Skuja


  • HSI's Disaster Response Team was quick to offer assistance. John Skuja


  • Animals, large or small, were greatly affected by the disaster. John Skuja


  • In some cases, it was necessary to extract animals from the rubble. John Skuja


  • Surviving animals require care. John Skuja


  • HSI provided guidance to animal owners. HSI


  • Many hands were needed to provide assistance. Thomas Kelly/World Vets


  • Street animals, such as these dogs, also benefited from our team's efforts. HSI


  • After a day of hard work in the field, a little respite is always welcome. HSI


Following Tuesday’s destructive aftershock in Nepal, Humane Society International will send livestock veterinarians to care for animals in heavily affected rural areas. HSI continues to conduct an assessment of the needs of local animal welfare organizations for expansion of their facilities and will meet these needs on a case-by-case basis. HSI estimates that as many as 6 million to 9 million cows, goats and other livestock were injured or killed following the April 25 earthquake. Thousands of street dogs and cats also are in need of care.

Humane Society International’s Sarah Vallentine, who lives in Kathmandu, said: “Tuesday’s strong aftershock caused further destruction and has worsened the conditions of many people and animals already traumatized by the devastating April 25 earthquake. The initial earthquake caused animals to suffer a range of conditions from broken and crushed bones and lacerations and respiratory disease like pneumonia from days and nights exposed to the elements without shelter. We’ll continue to assist with vital supplies – humanitarian and veterinary - to provide a lifeline to both animals and people struggling to cope here in Nepal.” 

Humane Society International will continue to help animals, large and small, affected by Nepal’s earthquake and strong aftershocks:

  • HSI is working with its affiliates, the Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association and Humane Society International/Australia, to deploy three veterinarians with livestock expertise to Nepal in the coming days. 
  • This week, our vets travelled to Sindhupalchok to carry out crucial vaccinations and veterinary treatments, in partnership with World Vets, the International Fund for Animal Welfare, Animal Nepal, SPCA Nepal, Himalayan Animal Rescue Team and Nepal’s Department of Livestock Services.
  • HSI is providing tarpaulins to shelter goats, cows, poultry and other animals from the harsh sun and driving monsoon rain. Many of these animals have been exposed to the elements since the earthquakes destroyed their permanent shelters, and as a result they are suffering from respiratory illnesses. Animal Welfare Network of Nepal (AWNN) will coordinate the supply of these tarps and will also assist in setting them up with the villagers in remote locations.

HSI will work  with animal groups in Nepal, including: AWNN, Society for Animal Welfare and Management, the Kathmandu Animal Treatment Center, Animal Nepal, Nepal SPCA, Himalayan Animal Rescue Team and others.

Email the HSI media contacts to be kept informed of developments and for images and video. B-roll footage is available. Donations are urgently needed to support our lifesaving efforts in Nepal and wherever animals and people are affected by disasters.

Media contacts:

US: Raul Arce-Contreras, rcontreras@hsi.org +1 240 620 3263
India: Navamita Mukherjee, nmukherjee@hsi.org, 9985472760
UK: Wendy Higgins, whiggins@hsi.org +44 (0)7989 972 423

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