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December 5, 2015

Humane Society International/India Joins Blue Cross India to Rescue Animals in Chennai Floods

Thousands of animals stranded, veterinary team deployed to Chennai to help with rescue effort

Humane Society International/India, Blue Cross India

In response to the floods in Chennai that have stranded thousands of animals and left them and local residents in urgent need of help, Humane Society International/India has deployed a rescue team of veterinarians equipped with inflatable boats, rope, life-jackets and veterinary medical supplies. 

HSI/India has joined forces with the Blue Cross of India, one of the first responders on the ground, and in only a few hours they have together rescued 90 animals including livestock, dogs and cats. Many animals have been stranded without food in abandoned buildings which the HSI/BCI teams have been able to reach using the inflatable rafts. Others have required treatment for shock, stress, exposure and respiratory illness. Sick and injured animals are being taken to BCI’s shelter where HSI veterinarians are providing emergency aid.

Dr. Amit Chaudhari, HSI/India’s senior program manager explains from Chennai, “The Chennai floods have been devastating, and our teams are assisting both people and animals who have become trapped in the affected areas. Many people here are concerned for their animals left behind, and for local street animals and livestock in clear need of assistance, but the main problem has been that so many are stranded in inaccessible areas. Our inflatable rafts have proven to be a game-changer in this rescue effort, giving us access through the flooded lanes to get food and supplies where it’s desperately needed and to lift people and animals to safety.”

HSI and BCI are also using the rafts to bring food supplies and aid to local residents who have been overjoyed to receive help for themselves and their animal companions.

Over the next few days, our rescue teams will continue to provide assistance across Chennai.  HSI/India has created a dedicated email ID chennaianimalrescue@gmail.com to receive requests for animal rescue in Chennai.  

Media Contact: Chetasi Kane, +91 9825811190, ckane@humanesociety.org

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