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September 29, 2016

Sterilization and vaccination campaign in Kathmandu’s Ward 20 declared complete

Ward first in city declared as Dog Managed Ward, in time for the observance of World Rabies Day

Humane Society International/India

  • Vaccinating dogs against rabies is beneficial for dogs and humans alike. HSI

Kathmandu’s Ward 20 has been declared a Dog Managed Ward, meaning that the area’s 157 dogs have been sterilized and vaccinated against rabies. The classification also means that all children in Ward 20 government schools have gone through a street dog awareness program as well as the formation of an Animal Welfare Committee. The Kathmandu Municipal Corporation, which runs a humane dog population management program, or ManuMitra, in Nepal, with support from Humane Society International and the Jane Goodall Institute Nepal, declared the achievement on World Rabies Day.

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Sarah Vallentine, Nepal program manager, HSI Asia, said, “We are thrilled that our efforts to humanely control the population of dogs in Kathmandu and vaccinate them against rabies have achieved a milestone in Ward 20. It is a clear indication of the program’s progress and other wards will be soon to follow in being declared Dog Managed.”

Hari Kumar Shrestha, chief of the KMC’s Urban Health Division, said, “Simply killing or removing the dogs has no lasting impact on the dog population or the spread of rabies because dogs reproduce rapidly. KMC is looking at each of the 35 wards and seeking to understand the problem caused by the street dog population in the community, and establish a ward-level Animal Management Committee in each ward to address the issues.”

KMC, with support from HSI and the Jane Goodall Institute Nepal, launched ManuMitra, known officially as the First Metropolitan Dog Management Program, in Kathmandu in April. The program aims to sterilize and vaccinate 80 percent of the city’s estimated 22,000 streets dogs. Give now to help.

Media Contact: Chetasi Kane, email: ckane@humanesociety.org, mobile: +91 98258 11190

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