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October 15, 2013

HSI/Latin America: Recent Activities

Humane Society International/Latin America

  • Children participating in the "Lorax" workshop. HSI/Latin America

  • A dog receiving veterinary care. HSI/Latin America

HSI/Latin America, based San Jose, Costa Rica, pursues positive change for animals on a number of fronts that HSI has designated as priorities in the region.

A sampling of their recent activities:


  • Traveled to Honduras to visit a temporary holding facility and a rescue center for animals confiscated from illegal wildlife trade. Evaluated infrastructure and advised on protocols for biosafety, animal intake, quarantine, emergency, rehabilitation, release and euthanasia.
  • As part of the Costa Rica Whale Coalition, attended the Fifth Annual Whale and Dolphin Festival to present on animal welfare and whale watching.
  • Traveled to Panama to meet with government officials about HSI research on boat-dolphin strikes in Bocas del Toro.

Companion animals

  • Worked with the Department of Animal Health on establishing emergency sheltering for animals confiscated from hoarding, dog fighting and other cruel situations.
  • Put together trainings and materials with renowned dog behaviorist David Peiro.
  • Trained 120 police force personnel, Department of Animal Health vets and other first responders on handling of aggressive dogs; developed guidelines for official distribution by the Costa Rican government.

Farm animals

  • Confirmed that a café, a restaurant, a supermarket and a convenience store chain have all committed to using cage-free eggs.

Humane education

  • Launched a new grant from the U.S. State Department on educational wildlife outreach in Central America.
  • With the Ministry of Justice, presented three “The Lorax” environmental education workshops for schools in San Carlos, Costa Rica.

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