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May 10, 2018

Judge rules against offender of Animal Protection and Welfare Law of Honduras for mistreating their work animals

The ruling follows complaint filed by HSI

Humane Society International in Honduras

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Tegucigalpa, Honduras—The judge of the Villa de San Antonio jurisdiction, Department of Comayagua, Honduras, imposed the highest fine to date on an owner of a local business for mistreating his horses. In addition to the fine of $1,130, the offender must provide his animals with the needed veterinary medical care and other provisions to ensure their welfare needs are met. The Asociación Equina de Honduras will provide the oversight to the implementation of the provisions.

HSI witnessed the abusive treatment of several horses firsthand and proceeded to document the injuries and the excessive workloads placed on the animals, infringing upon the Animal Protection and Welfare Law. HSI filed a cruelty complaint in Comayagua on April 20th. On April 27, the judge who heard the case issued a resolution imposing a fine of three minimum wages, plus the order to provide veterinary treatment to the horses and not subject them to work until they recover from their injuries. Among the evidence considered by the judge was a veterinary opinion by the Asociación Equina de Honduras.

Karla Duarte, director of HSI in Honduras, said: "I am extremely satisfied with the resolution issued in this case, and we will be monitoring the recovery of these animals very closely. Sadly, the cruel treatment of animals is still very common in Honduras; the guilty verdict and high sanction imposed set an important precedent for future cases against animal cruelty in the country.”

The Law on Animal Welfare and Protection of Honduras came into force on October 6, 2016. HSI in Honduras has been involved in providing training to law enforcement officials across the country about the animal welfare law and has provided donations of equipment and materials to support law enforcement efforts.

Humane Society International is one of the largest animal protection organizations worldwide. Headquartered in the United States, HSI has offices around the world, on almost every continent and in more than 35 countries, including Costa Rica. The organization works to reduce the suffering of all types of animals, from laboratory animals, farm animals, pets, to wildlife, in order to create a more sustainable and humanitarian world.

Media Contacts: In Honduras: Karla Duarte, kduarte@hsi.org, +504 9555-0050

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