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December 14, 2016

Humane Society International applauds Rights Commission for approving inclusion of animal welfare on new Mexico City Constitution

Humane Society International/Mexico

  • Roman Samokhin

UPDATE: Mexico City’s Constitutional Assembly approved in plenary session today the inclusion of an article on animal welfare in the constitution the city will adopt in February! HSI/Mexico applauds the decision.

Humane Society International applauds the Rights Commission of Mexico City’s Constitutional Assembly for approving an article on animal welfare to be included in the constitution the city will adopt in February.

The article acknowledges animals as sentient beings whose welfare will be protected under the new federal entity’s constitution. HSI now urges legislators to vote in favor of the animal welfare article in the plenary session.

Anton Aguilar, HSI/Mexico director, said: “We are one step closer to ensuring that animal protection is guaranteed in the new constitution of Mexico City. We applaud the Rights Commission for acknowledging the importance of providing protections to animals as sentient beings in the new constitution. We urge Mexican legislators to make the city a model of animal protection in Mexico, and throughout the region, by maintaining the article in place as the new constitution is officially adopted in the coming months.” 

HSI has worked with legislators in Mexico City throughout the process of creating a new constitution to ensure it enshrines animal welfare. In September, HSI, along with constitution-drafting legislators and the city’s Environment General Attorney, organized a forum at the House of Representatives there to discuss the importance of including language to protect animals in the new constitution. The article on animal welfare passed by the Rights Commission this week reflected much of the constitutional text discussed during that forum. 

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