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December 21, 2015

HSI UK - Dutch ANBI Status

HSI UK is regarded as an ANBI Charity.

The goal of the organization and business plan:

HSI UK’s primary goal is to prevent animal suffering by promoting compassionate choices and humane solutions. We care about the welfare of all animals and work on a wide range of campaigns in both the UK and Europe, alongside other members of The Humane Society network. HSI UK’s focus is on campaigns that result in measurable positive change for animals, as well as expanding our network of donors and supporters.

Name and contact information:

  • Name: Humane Society International UK
  • Phone: 0808 126 1880
  • Email: info@hsiuk.org
  • Web: hsiuk.org
  • Post: 5 Underwood Street, London, N1 7LY, United Kingdom
  • Dutch fiscal number: 8241.63.072

    The management structure: “The trustees meet regularly to review the overall objectives of the charity to ensure its effective performance. The administration of the charity and the keeping of its financial books and records are carried out by the staff of the charity with administration and supervision by the trustees.” (See page 1 of the Trustee’s Report)

    Names of Board Members:

  • Wayne Pacelle
  • Andrew N. Rowan, Ph.D G.
  • Thomas Waite, III
  • Remuneration policy: Management does not receive remuneration from HSI UK.

    Report of the carried out activities: See pages 1-8 of the 2014 Trustees’ Report.

    Financial accountability: See pages 9-15 of the 2014 Trustees’ Report and the 2014 Charities Commission Filing, linked here. The 2015 Signed Accounts and Charities Commission Filings will be ready to post on the website by Sep 30 and Oct 31 respectively.