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March 11, 2008

British Actor Alison Steadman Visits Seal Hunt Nursery

Humane Society International/United Kingdom

Acclaimed for roles on screen and stage, including British films “Abigail’s Party,” “Life is Sweet” and “Confetti,” and television miniseries “Pride and Prejudice,” Alison Steadman joined Humane Society International on the ice this past week.

Watching the mothers and pups, Alison Steadman said, “It is heart-wrenching to know that in just a few weeks' time, sealers will be standing here on the ice, bludgeoning the defenseless seal pups to death, and skinning them, just so their pelts can be turned in to some frivolous trinket or coat trim. It is inexcusable.”

She continued, “It is tragic that Canada’s pristine ice floes are now remembered as the place where millions of seal pups are bludgeoned to death, where the largest most brutal marine mammal hunt in the world continues to take place every year.”

Over the last few years, the Canadian government-issued seal catch quotas have amounted to over one million animals; the vast majority of those killed were less than three months of age.

Mark Glover, Director, HSI/UK said, “I have witnessed the hunt for the last four years and have seen the most horrendous sights: seals being bludgeoned, stuck and dragged with hooks, then skinned. Although the European Parliament has voted overwhelmingly for a ban on this trade and the European Commission is currently looking closely at the issue, there is still no ban on the import of seal products into the UK and until there is, we all have the blood of the seals on our hands.”

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