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May 9, 2012

China Foie Gras Factory Farm Suspended Pending Welfare Review

Humane Society International/UK

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Update August 30, 2012: After welcome news in May 2012 that Creek Projects had suspended its plans for a massive foie gras farm in China pending a full review, we have now received information that the project has been withdrawn. Thank you to everyone who has taken action and helped raise awareness of this issue. HSI will continue to campaign for an end to foie gras production and will be on hand to raise concerns should we gain information about similar proposals. 

by Mark Jones

A UK company has announced suspension of its plans to fund a massive foie gras factory farm in China pending a review after HSI/UK, Compassion in World Farming and Four Paws International raised animal welfare and environmental concerns about the proposed project.

HSI/UK and Compassion, followed by a number of other organisations, had contacted the company's directors about the severe suffering involved in foie gras production, as well as the potential for environment damage caused by building such a facility on China’s largest freshwater lake.

Now, HSI/UK and Compassion have written to Creek Projects to welcome the review and ensure that the substantial animal welfare and ecological consequences of the foie gras facility are fully considered.

Cruelty in a can

Foie gras is produced as a supposedly luxury item; however, it usually involves force-feeding ducks and geese by placing a long tube down a bird's throat and pumping an unnatural quantity of food directly into its stomach. There is substantial scientific evidence to show that these unnatural, intensive production methods cause pain and injury to the animals from feeding tube insertion, fear and stress during capture and handling, gait abnormality due to distended livers, pathologies in liver function, and increased mortality.

Mark Jones is executive director of Humane Society International/UK.

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