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December 28, 2012

HSI/UK: 2012 Accomplishments and 2013 Plans

Humane Society International/UK

  • We can offer advice for humane control of street dog populations. Grigory Bibikov/istock

  • A temporary reprieve for badgers in 2012. Stuart Matthews

  • We helped prevent geese from suffering on a farm in China. javarman/istock

  • Bulls' suffering is not entertainment. PACMA/CAS International

  • We're pursuing a close season for hares. Andy Fisher

Thanks to your support, HSI/UK is proud to have helped achieve the following victories for animals in 2012, with plans to continue our life-saving work in 2013:

Street dogs

  • Representatives of HSI/UK travelled to Kiev, Ukraine, to support and assist in the development of a humane dog population management programme there.
  • Advising the municipality of Sofia (Bulgaria) on humane dog management practices and monitoring and evaluating the success of sterilization programs globally.

Wildlife protection

Farm animals

Bull fiestas

Other work

  • HSI/UK helped persuade Vision Express to no longer use animals in its TV advertising campaigns.
  • HSI/UK organised a highly successful comedy event, ‘Stand Up for Animals,’ at the Bloomsbury Theatre in London.

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Plans for 2013

  • Supporting efforts to improve protection for endangered species against the impacts of international trade through the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) process, culminating in the Conference of the Parties in Bangkok in March 2013. In particular, HSI/UK will be lobbying for UK and EU support for greater protection for polar bears, rhinos, and marine species.
  • Building on the successful efforts during 2012 to delay a government-licensed slaughter of badgers in England, in order to bring this policy to a permanent end, and to encourage government and industry to pursue more effective and humane methods of controlling TB in cattle.
  • Pursuing greater protection for hares in England and Wales through the introduction of a close season.
  • Exposing the extent of animal cruelty and suffering associated with bullfighting and bull fiestas in Spain and beyond, through investigative research, scientific assessment of suffering, and public awareness-raising.
  • Pursuing a ban on the unacceptable trade in and keeping of primates as private pets in the UK.
  • Ensuring that the development of animal welfare standards for farm animals by the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) continues to be focussed on raising standards where they are poor or non-existent, without risking a reduction in high standards where they currently exist.
  • Promoting humane street dog programs in Eastern Europe, Russia and the CIS and elsewhere in the world as necessary.
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