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March 19, 2013

Pilot Badger Killing Likely to Proceed This Summer

Humane Society International/UK

  • The badger cull could begin this June. Stuart Matthews

by Mark Jones

Environment Secretary Owen Paterson has confirmed that authorisation has been issued by Natural England for the two pilot badger culls, in Somerset and in west Gloucestershire, to take place this summer.

The killing, originally planned for summer 2012, was postponed in October.

The letters, issued by Natural England, confirm that the killing can begin from any point after 1 June. The culls will last for up to six weeks and will be repeated annually for four years.

A reserve area, in Dorset, has also been identified. It will be prepared, ready to be used should one of the two original areas not be workable.

Members of Parliament voted overwhelmingly against the proposals in a debate on 25 October 2012; however, the vote was not binding and it seems the Secretary of State is not prepared to listen to the will of Parliament or the compassionate majority of the public—more than 175,000 of whom have signed the Stop the Cull e-petition—who wish to see the badger cull halted.

HSI, alongside our Team Badger partners, will be working hard to bring an end to the badger cull once and for all. Our message is "Kill the Cull, Not the Badgers’.

Find out more about our badger campaign.

Mark Jones is executive director of Humane Society International/UK.

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