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April 23, 2009

Paul McCartney urges MEPs to "Ban Seal Trade"

Humane Society International/UK

Paul McCartney signalled his full support for an end to the cruel trade in seal products, by adding his name to the BanSealTrade.eu petition. Organised by Humane Society International/UK and Respect for Animals, the petition calls on Members of the European Parliament to adopt a full trade ban.

Within weeks, MEPs will take a vote on a seal trade ban in the European Union.

This year's Canadian seal kill—the largest slaughter of marine mammals on Earth—has just taken place off the country's east coast. The 2009 quota was set at 280,000 animals—and more than one million seal pups have been clubbed or shot to death over the last four years.

After signing the petition, McCartney said:

"The fate of millions of seal pups is in the hands of elected Members of the European Parliament. In the next few weeks, they will have a historic opportunity to stop the cruel trade in seal products throughout the European Union. 

"I've signed the petition to ask MEPs to seize this momentous opportunity to end, once and for all, this trade in animal cruelty. Please, make your voice heard, too—join me in signing this important petition today." 

The petition can be signed at: BanSealTrade.eu.

Humane Society International has also launched an online contest asking EU residents to encourage their friends and family to let decision-makers know that they support a complete and unconditional ban. The EU resident who gathers the most signatures by 5 May will win a trip to Canada's stunning harp seal nursery next spring! Read all of the details and contest rules at: BanSealTrade.eu.

The full wording of the petition reads:

I fully support a European Union ban on the trade in all products derived from the commercial slaughter of seals, which is inherently inhumane. I urge the EU to adopt an unconditional prohibition on the import, export and trade in seal products, without derogations and loopholes, and to do so before the European elections in June 2009.

Paul McCartney has long been a supporter of the seal protection campaign, and visited the harp seal nursery off Canada's east coast in 2006, with Respect for Animals and Humane Society International, to call for an end to the seal hunt.


Humane Society International is the international arm of The Humane Society of the United States, one of the world's largest animal protection organizations — backed by 11 million people. HSI is creating a better future for animals and people through advocacy, education, and hands-on programs. Celebrating animals and confronting cruelty worldwide — On the web at hsi.org.

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