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October 13, 2015

Make It Fake, for the Animals’ Sake

Humane Society International/United Kingdom

Thanks to widespread public concern for animal welfare and a number of high-profile campaigns, the UK government outlawed fur farming in 2000. Opinion polls consistently show that the vast majority of British citizens do not want to buy or wear fur.

Buyer beware

You can help protect animals from suffering by being vigilant when shopping to ensure you, and your friends and family, never contribute to the cruel fur trade.

Each year, millions of animals suffer and die to make frivolous trim on clothing and accessories, and those products are for sale in markets and on the high street across the UK, right now.

Shockingly, we have found clothing with real fur trim labelled as faux fur, and real fur items for sale at less than the cost of fake fur equivalents. Please don’t be lulled into thinking that it can't be real fur because that information is not stated on the label, or because it seems inexpensive. Animals are dying for you to know the difference.

Make it Fake, for the Animals’ Sake!

Take Action: Make it fake, for the animals’ sake.

Condemned to misery

The fur trade is cruel and unnecessary: Each year, it condemns millions of animals to short, miserable lives in small wire cages on vast, intensive farms — all in the name of fashion.

Animals confined on fur farms have no opportunity to exercise their natural behaviours and instincts. Foxes are deprived of living in family groups, the opportunity to range across territory and live underground. Minks have no chance to swim or dive. Rabbits miss out on group life, grazing and digging. Raccoon dogs will never have the chance to pair up and share responsibility for raising pups. Instead, these normally active and curious species pace and circle in unnatural confinement. Fighting and self-mutilation also occur in the small, enclosed cages.

The animals bred and killed to supply this industry suffer a squalid life and a brutal death just for a cheap piece of decorative trim.

Stop the cruelty

You can make a real difference: Leaving these items on the shelf kills the demand for real fur — and saves the lives of animals around the world.

We’re working with retailers, wholesalers and enforcement agencies to help expose the mislabelling of fur products, and to stamp out cruelty. Please join us: Make it Fake for the Animals’ Sake.

Sign our “Make it Fake” pledge and find out what other actions you can take today. And if you didn't catch HSI's mention on BBC One's "Fake Britain" series, you can watch it on BBC iPlayer.

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