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September 24, 2015

Take Action to Get Glue Traps Off the Market in the UK

Humane Society International/United Kingdom

  • Needless suffering. Brighton and Hove Council

1. Urge STV Pest Control to stop manufacturing and supplying glue traps.

2. Email retailers and wholesalers and ask them to discontinue the sale of glue traps.

3. If a retailer near you is selling glue traps, download and print out our Retailer Information Sheet to give to the store manager and ask him/her to join B&Q, Homebase, The Range and many other high street chains in refusing to stock these cruel devices. If the manager signs and returns the Retailer Pledge to us, we will add the shop to our database.

4. If you are the carer of companion rats or mice, tweet us @HSIUKorg a selfie with them (an “animalfie”!) and a sign explaining why you support our #Unstuck campaign to get glue traps off sale.

5. Watch our short and powerful campaign video clip about the cruelty of glue traps and share it on social media using #Unstuck.

6. If friends, family members or colleagues mention having a problem with rats or mice, point them to our Humane Rodent Solutions factsheet at hsi.org/rodentsolutions, which offers tips on how to evict and deter unwanted visitors without harming them.

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