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About Humane Society International/Canada

Humane Society International

  • Canada’s annual commercial seal hunt must end. HSI

  • Canada is home to thousands of puppy mills. HSI

  • Pig are intensively confined in gestation crates. Gerson Sobreira

  • Horses being transported to slaughter. Kathy Milani/The HSUS

  • Dogs being shipped to be killed for their fur. HSI

Humane Society International/Canada is a leading force for animal protection, representing tens of thousands of members and constituents across the country. We are an effective voice for animals, with active programs in companion animals, wildlife and habitat protection, marine mammal preservation and farm animal welfare. HSI Canada works to protect all animals through education, investigation, litigation, legislation, advocacy, and field work.

HSI Canada is proud to be a part of Humane Society International — one of the largest animal protection organizations in the world, with more than 11 million members and constituents globally.

Contact information

4035 Saint-Ambroise Street
Suite 320
Montreal, QC H4C 2E1
Phone: 514-395-2914

Email: info@hsicanada.ca 
Website: www.hsicanada.ca

Senior staff

Rebecca Aldworth, Executive Director

Major areas of focus

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