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The Humane Society of the United States/Humane Society International’s Animal Care Expo combines a world-class educational and networking conference with a full-scale international trade show on all things related to dog and cat care and population management. The goal of this annual event is to help people working in the fields of animal sheltering, care, control, and rescue do the best and most effective jobs possible. This four-day event offers specialized workshops in areas such as management, field services, shelter operations and community outreach.

International program

Since 1999, Humane Society International has brought people from across the globe to participate in Animal Care Expo. There is a separate track, Global Animal Issues, organized by Humane Society International, which caters to the specific needs of participants working outside the United States.

Animal Care Expo 2022

The next Animal Care Expo will be held April 19-22, 2022. The Global Animal Issues Track is geared towards participants from around the world. Due to the ongoing pandemic and the current challenges of international travel, Humane Society International’s Global Animal Issues Track will only be offered as part of Animal Care Expo’s virtual component. All global animal issues sessions will be recorded and available to both in-person and virtual participants for on-demand viewing after the conference.

Of the 18 sessions available to virtual attendees, 11 will be offered as part of HSI’s Global Animal Issues Track tailored for attendees from outside the United States. Three of those sessions will be offered exclusively in Spanish. Some of the workshops will include:

  • How to start a spay/neuter program in a challenging environment
  • Creating evidence-based programs with a focus on accountability and impact: From small to large scale
  • Engaging the community to improve animal welfare

Full schedule of the Global Animal Issues Track.

A waiver of the registration fee for virtual attendance is available for residents of those countries identified as “Economies in Transition” and “Developing Economies” in Tables B & C on pages 125 & 126 here.

Register for Animal Care Expo 2022.

HSI scholarship program (temporarily suspended)

HSI has created a scholarship program to help individuals from countries outside of the United States, who are unable to attend due to limited resources, participate in the conference. To qualify for a scholarship, you will need to prove affiliation to an animal welfare organization in your country of residence, and/or a strong interest in helping improve the welfare of animals in your country; or represent a government agency tasked with managing dog/cat populations.

HSI veterinary training program (temporarily suspended)

For practicing veterinarians working in dog/cat population management in their country, HSI created a veterinary training opportunity that is held the week prior to Animal Care Expo. This program offers an opportunity to learn about the latest techniques and protocols for high-quality spay/neuter surgery and anesthesia.

Contact Donna Pease, international coordinator, Animal Care Expo, if you would like to receive scholarship and/or training program application information or are interested in receiving information about future Animal Care Expos.

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