Animal Care Expo

Humane Society International

Animal Care Expo has become an international education conference combined with a full-scale trade show. Hosted by The Humane Society of the United States, it attracts the largest gathering of animal care and control professionals, veterinarians, rescue workers, shelter professionals and volunteers in the world. For four days, participants attend workshops, exhibits and lectures, their learning intended to benefit animals. This annual conference provides an unprecedented chance for professional growth at all levels.

International program

Since 1999, Humane Society International has brought people from across the globe to participate in this conference. These individuals, mostly from developing countries, gain knowledge and skills to help run a successful program/campaign back home. International participants discuss their experience and projects, the issues and obstacles they must overcome, and the solutions they have found. Though the challenges they face vary, the wisdom imparted by these groups proves valuable across cultural boundaries and presents an opportunity to hear from others doing similar work. The sharing and networking that occurs during Expo are perhaps the most important aspects of the event.

Past workshop topics have included

  • How to Attract Volunteers and Make Them Stay
  • Building Coalitions for More Effective Animal Protection
  • International Campaigning
  • Humane Dog Programs Worldwide
  • Enhancing the Public Perception of Dogs
  • Regaining the Warm/Fuzzies: Stress Management for the Animal Welfare Employee
  • Linking Public Health and Street Dog Welfare

One of the highlights of the international program at Expo is the presentation of several special awards. The Animal Advocates award creates alliances between HSI and international organizations that endorse, promote and strive to adhere to certain basic policies of animal welfare. The HSI Award for Extraordinary Commitment and Achievement recognizes individual animal protectionists (particularly those in developing countries) whose sensitivity and compassion have led them to exceptional levels of bravery and self-sacrifice as they strive to mitigate and prevent the suffering of animals from neglect, cruelty and exploitation.

HSI scholarship program

HSI has brought people from different regions of the developing world to participate in Animal Care Expo by offering scholarship assistance to those who might not otherwise have the means to attend. An application process is in place to determine who would be most eligible for assistance. If you are interested in applying for scholarship assistance and would like to complete an application, please contact Donna Pease, International Coordinator, Animal Care Expo at

HSI veterinary training internship program

HSI offers a veterinary training internship program to encourage and promote training of veterinarians in developing countries by helping them fine-tune their veterinary and surgical skills. For one full week prior to Expo, under the HSI Expo Veterinary Internship Program, U.S. humane societies generously host selected scholarship recipients for supervised hands-on veterinary training at their facilities. In addition to individual capabilities, careful consideration is given to how the applicant’s country and organization fit into HSI’s strategic plan. Many scholarship recipients are from groups with which HSI is already working. From those selected for scholarships, veterinary internships are arranged for those who indicate an interest in taking advantage of this great opportunity.

The HSI Veterinary Training Internship Program has proved to be a wonderful experience for both the veterinary interns and the host societies. During Expo 2015, we were able to provide internships for 22 veterinary interns from Egypt, Tanzania, China, Uganda, India, Rwanda, Moldova, Nepal, Kenya, Philippines, Guyana, Bolivia, Guatemala, and Brazil at 14 host societies throughout the states surrounding Expo. The program is growing and HSI anticipates that it will continue to be an important part of our training programs.