Baby Steps

Humane Society International

by Rebecca Aldworth

Days ago, we saw firsthand the appalling conditions at the largest commercial breeding operation we’ve ever come across in Canada.

Today, here at the emergency shelter, we are seeing the aftermath. Here, the long road to recovery begins, and the healing starts with the dedicated team of veterinarians caring for the dogs. But there is also the emotional healing of these neglected animals, and that is where our team of trained volunteers comes in.

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One Lhasa Apso we named Smoky for her dark grey fur took her first steps outside the shelter. As we set her down on a patch of grass in the sun, she seemed overwhelmed by the new sensations and, at first, she just lay on the ground. But slowly, we helped her to stand and, after a few more moments, she took her first hesitant step. Soon, her confidence grew and she was exploring the area, sniffing everything around her with wonder.

For each of these more than 500 dogs, the change to a better life is starting. The HSI Canada team is so honoured to be a central part of that process.

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Rebecca Aldworth is executive director of HSI Canada.