More than 50 animals were rescued or cared for during the pilgrimage to the Basilica

HSI/ Latin America participated in surveillance post to check the health of animals that accompanied their owners on the pilgrimage.

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SAN JOSÉ, Costa Rica—Humane Society International / Latin America, as a member of the National Animal Welfare Advisory Council (CONABA) of Costa Rica, participated in one of the four control posts that the National Animal Health Service (SENASA) placed in strategic places for those attending the annual pilgrimage to the Basilica of the Virgin of Los Angeles in the cities of San Pedro, Curridabat, Ochomogo and Cartago on August 1 and 2, 2018.

HSI/Latin America was present in the Municipality of Curridabat for 12 hours straight, collaborating together with volunteers and veterinarians who helped verify and ensure that all animals that accompanied their owners to the pilgrimage, would obligatorily make a stop at the control post and get their health checked before continuing with their course.

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In total, 51 lost or abandoned animals were rescued at the “Rescue Center Romeritos” in the province of Cartago. The government authorities of SENASA together with other animal welfare associations from CONABA attended animals that were found lost or abandoned by their owners only in the area around the city. The animals were treated for conditions due to long periods without rest during the pilgrimage, wounds on their foot pads, and several of them were found with severe dehydration and heat stroke. In these cases, the animals were confiscated from their owners and placed on temporary custody until the owners can claim them.

Amanda Chaves, Program Manager of Companion Animal of HSI/Latin America, highlighted the importance of these posts, as they prevent the suffering of pets that are subjected to these walks or to abandonment. “We are honored to work hand in hand with the Costa Rican Government to ensure the welfare of animals in Costa Rica. We congratulate SENASA for its excellent work during the Pilgrimage and we maintain our commitment to continue working together with the entities in charge of combating crimes against animals and help them develop their capacity to deal with them.” Give now to help animals.

Media Contact: Amanda Chaves,, (+506) 7018-4621

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