Café Toscano is committed to purchasing only cage-free eggs

Humane Society International / Mexico

Cage-free hens
Michelle Riley/The HSUS

MEXICO CITY—Café Toscano, a cafeteria restaurant with four locations in Mexico (Roma, Condesa, Lomas and Polanco) has committed to exclusively obtaining eggs from cage-free hens throughout its supply chain during the year 2021.

With this announcement, Café Toscano will make a positive impact on the lives of around 18,000 hens annually and joins the growing list of more than 200 companies around the world, including Bimbo, Barilla, and McDonald’s, that have pledged to include only cage-free eggs in their supply chains.

For her part, Alejandra Toscano, owner of Café Toscano, said: “Our commitment to consumers has led us to choose high-quality products and that includes high standards of animal welfare. We will undoubtedly continue to advance on this issue, for the integral well-being of people and animals.”

Arianna Torres, from the Humane Society International in Mexico, said: “We congratulate Café Toscano restaurant for adopting this important commitment to improve the welfare of farm animals by providing these sentient beings with enough room to spread their wings.”

More and more companies are adopting responsible consumption policies, and HSI will continue working with Café Toscano and other companies to enhance the welfare of farm animals in their supply chains.

This commitment improves the lives of tens of thousands of laying hens in Mexico. The country’s conventional industrial egg production systems often confine chickens in tiny cages made of wire, so small that the birds cannot even fully stretch their wings. Common sense and science agree that restricting the freedom of animals for virtually their entire lives causes significant deprivation and frustration.


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