Caribbean Animal Welfare

Humane Society International

  • Two stray dogs on the beach. Carly Ikuma

Many visitors to the Caribbean may be surprised and concerned to see free-roaming, hungry or injured dogs and cats during their vacations.

The tourism industry may seem like an unlikely partner in the campaign to improve conditions for these animals, but the benefits for businesses is two-fold: they help dogs and cats in need, and they create more business by improving tourism experiences for Caribbean visitors, which ultimately leads to a greater number of tourists visiting the islands.

There are many ways that tourism companies can help improve animal welfare in the Caribbean: hotels donate rooms to visiting veterinarians who give their time to help local animal protection groups, restaurants donate food for fundraising events for such groups and other tourism companies donate items for raffles, serve on boards of animal welfare groups, or provide support in a myriad of other ways to help stray dogs and cats.

Learn more about how you can help, whether you’re a tourist or part of the tourism industry.

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