Chetana Mirle, Ph.D

Vice President, Farm Animals

Humane Society International

Chetana Mirle, Ph.D. is Vice President of HSI’s Farm Animals Department, which seeks to improve the welfare of farm animals worldwide through education and advocacy. In addition to overseeing farm animal welfare programs in Asia, Latin Amercia, and Africa, Dr. Mirle works to educate key thought leaders in academia, governments, international development institutions, and other civil society groups about the impacts of factory farming on animal welfare, food security, human health, and the environment. She has published numerous articles and presented extensively on the nexus between farm animal welfare and well-being of human communities in the developing world.

She began her career at HSI in 2007, with specific responsibility for launching a campaign against factory farming in India. In that role, she introduced the concept of cage-free housing for egg laying hens to Indian industry leaders. She has published several articles on farm animal welfare in industry and mainstream publications within India.

Dr. Mirle received her Ph.D. from the Agriculture, Food, and Environment program at Tufts University in Boston, Massachusetts. Her doctoral research explored the impacts of large-scale agricultural programs on household-level food consumption in rural Bangladesh. She also holds a Masters Degree in environmental policy and a Bachelors Degree in biology.