HSI Recognizes Dr. S. Chinny Krishna, Blue Cross of India, with a Lifetime Achievement Award

Humane Society International

  • Dr. S. Chinny Krishna. Nanditha Krishna

At the 2011 Animal Care Expo in Orlando, Florida, HSI recognized Dr. S. Chinny Krishna with a Lifetime Achievement Award for his tremendous dedication to animal welfare in India and his major contribution to the success of The Blue Cross of India. HSI president & CEO Andrew Rowan presented the award at a reception for international attendees, lauding the honoree as “the grand old man of animal welfare in India.”

A lifetime of dedication

S. Chinny Krishna first became involved in animal welfare issues during his teenage years, and in 1964 he was one of the seven signatories of the original Articles and Memorandum of Association registering The Blue Cross of India as a Society under the Societies Registration Act. The Chennai-based non-profit group is now one of India’s largest animal welfare organizations. 

Initiative and innovation

Under Dr. Krishna’s leadership, The Blue Cross of India pioneered the ABC-AR (Animal Birth Control and Anti-Rabies) program to humanely reduce the dog population. The success of this program in Madras (now Chennai) has been striking. Chennai is today free of human rabies cases (down from more than 100 a year in 1995), and the number of dog rabies cases has plummeted from around 16,000 cases a year in 1980 to a little more than 3,000 a year today.  The program has subsequently been implemented beyond Chennai to 561 smaller towns elsewhere in the state of Tamil Nadu.

The Blue Cross “Adopt a Dog” program also launched a mass movement to promote adoption of Indian dogs from streets and shelters as an ethical choice.  

Deeply involved in the cause

Dr. Krishna was a member of the Blue Cross board from 1964 to 1987, served as vice chairman from 1987 to 2001, and then became its chairman from 2001 until 2010. He was the vice chairman of the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) from 2001-2004 and was nominated by the government of India for another three-year term from December 2010. More recently he has helped to found and chaired the board of the federation of Indian Animal Protection Organizations.  Since 2004, Dr. Krishna has been a member of the board of trustees of the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA).

“The animals of India and the world are better off for the efforts and activities that Chinny has launched and implemented over the years. We were very pleased to be able to honor his achievements in this small way!” said Dr. Rowan.

In addition to his work in animal welfare, Dr. Krishna manages a precision engineering business, and holds B. Tech and M. Tech degrees in chemical engineering and an M.S. and a Ph.D. in management.

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