Dehradun Café Maya A Culture announces new plant-based policy

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Dehradun—Café Maya A Culture, a Dehradun-based café, has teamed up with Humane Society International India to join the global movement towards serving more plant-based, sustainable food, and has committed to replace 30% of all their meat, dairy and egg-based menu items with delicious plant-based dishes by 2022. Further, the café is also increasing their current menu to include all-new plant-based options to their menu, including dishes made with tofu, vegan whipped cream, coconut milk and plant-based meat.  In responding to consumer demand for more plant-based options, Café Maya A Culture’s menu changes will impact more than 1 lakh meals per year.

Consumers across the globe are increasingly swapping out animal products for plant-based ones, and responsible food businesses and institutions are responding to this opportunity to better cater to this vibrant and growing market. Consumer demand for this change has been driven by the mounting evidence of links between the intensive rearing of animals on factory farms to produce meat, dairy and eggs and its negative impacts on the environment, public health and animal welfare. Research indicates that animal agriculture accounts for an estimated 1416% of all man-made greenhouse gas emissions, which is about the same as all transportation combined. Livestock production is also a highly inefficient use of scarce land and water, a principal driver of deforestation, habitat destruction and species extinction.

Avantika Chaudhary, owner of Maya A Culture, said, “Maya A Culture is committed to introducing animal welfare standards in its food supply chain. By changing the menu, we will be able to produce healthy food that is good for animals, our health and environment too”

Further, numerous studies indicate that a diet rich in plant-based foods can help improve health, and that people who eat fewer animal products have lower rates of high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis and certain types of cancer. By choosing to eat more plant-based foods, we can ease the enormous burden our current consumption habits have on the environment, improve our health and reduce the immense suffering of millions of animals.

Humane Society International/India’s Managing Director Alokparna Sengupta said, “The Café’s laudable decision to commit to replace 30% of their animal-based products with plant-based options is a visionary choice not only for the future of how we eat but also for the future of this planet. We are grateful to have worked with Maya A Culture and hope that other cafés in the city and in the country will soon follow suit. Replacing just 30% of their animal-based meals with plant-based options impacts hundreds of thousands of animals and enables customers to make food choices that are better for animals, their health and the planet.”

Across the globe, HSI partners with food businesses, schools, colleges and other institutions to put more plants on plates. By working with institutions to design exciting plant-based menus, provide plant-based culinary trainings and other promotional activities, HSI is paving the way for more humane, sustainable eating.

For support in the development of animal welfare policies in your supply or procurement chains, to request a plant-based culinary training or to adopt our Meatless Monday program, contact HSI/India at +91 9632890083 or

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