Quebec Government Gains Legal Custody of Rescued Dogs

HSI Canada begins historic adoption process of more than 600 dogs and puppies

Humane Society International

  • One of the rescued dogs — named Bunny by volunteers at the shelter. HSI

MONTREAL—Humane Society International/Canada welcomes the settlement reached today at Campbell’s Bay courthouse in western Quebec, which granted legal custody of more than 600 severely neglected dogs and puppies to ANIMA-Québec following their rescue from the largest commercial breeding operation in Canada. HSI Canada has been helping care for the dogs and puppies for more than two months at an emergency shelter near Montreal while awaiting a hearing to determine their custody.

“We are elated with the decision made here today,” said Lauren Scott, campaigner for Humane Society International/Canada. “This was not only the largest dog rescue in Canadian history, but it also involved some of the most inhumane conditions that our Animal Rescue Team has ever encountered. To have witnessed firsthand the horrific conditions these dogs had been forced to live in at this breeding operation, and to now know that they can be placed into the loving homes they so deeply deserve is incredible. This also sends a strong message to unethical breeders who put profits above animal welfare that Quebecers will no longer tolerate this cruelty.”

Help care for the rescued dogs and shut down puppy mills across Canada

A settlement was reached between the parties which granted legal custody of the more than 600 dogs and puppies to the Quebec government. HSI Canada can now immediately begin the process of adopting out all of the dogs and puppies after they have all been spayed or neutered.

HSI Canada, in partnership with the Québec government and local law enforcement, rescued the dogs and puppies from a commercial breeding operation in Outaouais, Québec in September of this year. The animals were seized after multiple investigations indicated they were not receiving proper care. Donate to help.


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