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Lance Murphey

There is an increasing shift in favor of healthy, plant-based foods. Many food service operators are setting an objective to reduce overall meat usage by 20 percent within two years. That translates into major health and environmental benefits, including major water savings, reduced greenhouse gas emissions and less water pollution.

If you are interested in participating in HSI/UK’s Forward Food programme or have any other queries, please contact us at

  • Download our Forward Food business case to find out why you should get involved.
  • Learn more with our overview of greenhouse gas environmental impact assessment, showing how purchasing data is used to quantify the impact of changes to the menu, as well as identify further improvements and their impact on greenhouse gas emissions. See an example of our greenhouse gas environmental report.
  • Download our free implementation guide full of ideas, tips, and recipes to make it easy to put more plants on plates.
  • We can also assist you with free promotional materials for marketing plant-based options.

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