Generosity and Compassion

Humane Society International

  • A dog enjoys one of the many treats generously donated by Jamieson Vitamins. HSI

  • Playing on the grass for the first time. Elise Ledsinger/HSI

  • One of a number of mother dogs with pups. Elise Ledsinger/HSI

  • Staff put together some of the 500 donated Kuranda dog beds. HSI

  • Basking in affection. Elise Ledsinger/HSI

  • A dog named Taffles with a donated toy. HSI

  • A mop-haired sweetheart. Elise Ledsinger/HSI

  • Learning to walk on a leash. Elise Ledsinger/HSI

  • Each dog is given much-needed attention. Elise Ledsinger/HSI

by Rebecca Aldworth

Every day at the shelter gets better, because of you.

As our dedicated team of staff and volunteers faces the tremendous challenge of caring for well over 500 rescued dogs and puppies, we are making major improvements each day.

Yesterday, Jamieson Vitamins—one of the most generous corporate sponsors of our sheltering project—delivered more than 500 special Kuranda beds. These specialized beds work perfectly in shelters, providing a clean and comfortable place for the dogs to sleep on. We are assembling them now, putting them into the dog enclosures one by one. To see the happiness of these dogs, just to have a soft place to rest, is overwhelming.

Jamieson Vitamins also donated a huge number of dog treats from their new PetCare line, which we are using to help socialize the dogs with great success. Amazingly, with every online purchase from their new PetCare line, Jamieson Vitamins is contributing $3 to our emergency shelter.

Special needs

Right now, our major focus is caring for the most vulnerable animals—the pregnant mothers and their puppies. Giving birth needs to happen in a quiet, restful place, and the puppies need good nutrition and constant attention. Sadly, many of these mothers are simply too young or too old to be having puppies, and a number of them need extra help caring for their newborns.

Give now to make a difference for these dogs and others.

Earlier this week, one Chow puppy was rejected by his exhausted mother. Only a few days old, he was being watched over, fed and held around the clock by veterinarians and volunteers. But every day, he cried for his mama, and the feeble sounds were heartbreaking. Then, this morning, another dog responded to his calls, taking him in with her own litter of puppies. Now, he is safe and sound and contented in a new family.

Moved by kindness

The capacity of these neglected dogs to not only forgive and trust again, but to extend compassion to each other brings me to tears. So too does the generosity and support of a huge community of people, including you, who have allowed us to give these deserving dogs a second chance at happiness.

I wish I could bring you to the shelter to see firsthand what you are helping to do. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for giving these dogs a new life.

We are grateful to all of the individuals and companies who have given so generously to fund our shelter and our work on this issue. Read earlier stories about this rescue and learn more about how to help.

Rebecca Aldworth is executive director of HSI Canada.