Geoff Orme-Evans

Environment and Climate Change Specialist

Humane Society International

Geoff Orme-Evans is the Environment and Climate Change Specialist at Humane Society International. He leads HSI’s efforts to humanely address animal agriculture’s contribution to environmental degradation and climate change. Orme-Evans fulfills this role through research and writing, publishing, policy planning, strategic planning, and advocacy and outreach to policy makers, NGO’s, and others. He also speaks at and represents HSI at related conferences, as well as providing support to The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and its staff on climate change and the environment.

Orme-Evans joined HSI in 2010, specifically tasked with addressing climate change mitigation in animal agriculture. Since then, he has greatly expanded HSI’s presence in international policy fora related to animal agriculture and the environment.  In addition to ensuring animal welfare is respected in these areas, he has overseen HSI’s work on the global Meatless Monday campaign.

Orme-Evans received his J.D. from Lewis & Clark Law School in 2006, with a Certificate in Environmental and Natural Resources Law. While at Lewis & Clark, he was Co-Director of the Student Animal Legal Defense Fund and Editor-in-Chief of the Animal Law Review. He is a recipient of the Natural Resources Law Institute Environmental Leadership Award, and the Hogan Award for success and dedication in the field of animal law. Orme-Evans clerked for The HSUS in the Animal Protection Litigation Section during the summer of 2005. After law school, he became an Associate at the San Francisco law firm Evans & Page, focusing on animal law.