HSI/Canada statement on Québec fur farm investigation, reiterates call on provincial government to end fur farming

Humane Society International / Canada

Foxes on a fur farm
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MONTREAL—Kelly Butler, HSI/Canada wildlife campaign manager, issued the following statement, reacting to images released from a Québec fur farm investigation:

“We were deeply disturbed by the images appearing in the media of foxes and mink on fur farms in Québec. Such images underscore the urgent need for governments and the public to bring the cruel and outdated fur farming industry to an end.

“In fur farms, wild animals—primarily minks and foxes—are intensively confined in cramped, filthy cages, denied the most basic of their needs. These inhumane and overcrowded conditions may also promote the proliferation of zoonotic diseases including COVID-19. We are calling on the Québec Government to follow the lead of British Columbia in taking action to end fur farming within its borders. To date, over 20 countries have taken action to prohibit or severely restrict this cruel, high-risk and needless industry.”


Media contact: Kelly Butler, wildlife campaign manager: kbutler@hsi.org

Call to ban fur farming across Canada

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Ekky Bogor/AP Images for HSI

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