HSI/Mexico joins efforts with Aguascalientes state officials to address animal cruelty through a series of law enforcement forums

Aguascalientes is one of the states with the highest rates of animal cruelty cases in Mexico

Humane Society International / Mexico

AGUASCALIENTES, Mexico—In order to enhance enforcement capacities to address animal cruelty, Humane Society International/Mexico and the State Environmental Attorney of Aguascalientes (PROESPA), held the second Aguascalientes Animal Protection Forum. The forum included presentations about rescuing animals, ways to approach and coexist with wildlife in cities, and humane education. The forum took place every Wednesday from November 18 to December 9. Aguascalientes is one of the states with the highest rates of animal cruelty cases in Mexico and reportedly used to be home to an international dogfighting tournament.

Felipe Marquez, animal cruelty program manager at HSI/Mexico, says: “HSI and PROESPA continue to enhance the knowledge and abilities of officials involved in animal cruelty response. Hosting the forum virtually due to COVID-19 restrictions actually allowed us to reach more people than normal from different states and even different countries, who were able to hear our wildlife, animal rescue and shelter expert speakers from Costa Rica, Colombia and Mexico.”   

In Aguascalientes, PROESPA rescued more than 130 animals in 2019. HSI has joined PROESPA and local organizations in rescues of dozens of animals coming from cases of severe cruelty and neglect.

The forum’s expert speakers highlighted the urgency of addressing animal cruelty to reduce social violence, particularly since the pandemic has heightened domestic abuse. There is a strong link between animal cruelty and other types of violence.

PROESPA animal cruelty inspectors, state justice attorney Aguascalientes officials, police officers from the Animal Brigade of Mexico City and local animal protection organizations from various states attended the event.


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