Kolkata man summoned in connection with alleged consumption of turtle meat

Humane Society International

  • Turtles play a crucial role in balancing the marine ecosystem, APOWA

Authorities summoned a man from Maheshtala city in Kolkata today for an investigation into the alleged illegal possession and consumption of turtle meat. Photographs of the activities were reported to Humane Society International /India, which then brought the suspect to the attention of Maheshtala police. HSI/India filed a First Information Report against the accused for violation of the Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972.

The photographs circulated on Facebook by the accused showed the man holding an Indian flap shell turtle (also known as Indian soft shell turtle) and stating that the threatened animal would be his lunch. The Indian flap shell turtle is protected under Schedule I of Wildlife Protection Act, 1972 which makes its capture, possession, consumption and trade illegal.

Abhishek Talukdar, campaigner with HSI/India, said, “The Indian flap shell turtles are protected by law, nationally under the Wildlife Protection Act as well as internationally under CITES. Their protection from illegal consumption and trade is indispensable to the health of the marine ecosystem. We are confident the police will take any necessary action once the investigation is concluded.”

HSI/India is committed to addressing and resolving animal cruelty issues reported on various platforms including on streets, in advertisements, TV programmes and social media. HSI/India encourages people to actively report incidents of animal cruelty to police or HSI/India’s tipline number 07674922044.

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