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Humane Society International

Across the globe, millions of people are giving their bodies a boost, helping to spare animals from the misery of confinement in factory farms, and contributing to a more sustainable future by making compassionate choices each time they eat. By reducing or replacing consumption of animal products, they’re helping to create a healthier and more humane world. Will you join the EatKind movement?

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EatKind is supported by one of Britain’s best-loved actors, Martin Freeman, who says:

“When it comes to solving huge issues like climate change and animal suffering, it’s easy to feel helpless as an individual. EatKind empowers us all to realise that by making simple changes to what we put on our plates, we can help animals, protect the planet and benefit our own health—whilst enjoying delicious and nutritious food at the same time.”

The problems are serious…

In the UK alone, approximately one billion land animals are raised for food every year. Each one of these animals is an individual with his or her own personality, the capacity to feel pleasure, and most importantly, the capacity to suffer. Untold billions of aquatic animals are also caught in the wild or farmed in intensive conditions. Livestock production is a lead contributor to man-made greenhouse gas emissions, water shortages and other serious global problems, and high levels of meat consumption have been linked to heart disease and some types of cancer.

… but the solution is simple.

Whether you’re ready to give up animal products completely or want to ease into it gently, by choosing to EatKind, you can make a difference at every meal. EatKind will inspire you to experiment with a world of interesting ingredients, tantalising flavours and cuisine from around the world. With the myriad of tasty, healthy dishes that have vegetables, grains nuts and pulses as their focus instead of meat, eggs and dairy, and an ever-growing range of convincing meat and dairy alternatives available, there’s no better time to start.

Watch the video, join the movement, spread the message and choose to EatKind.

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