International Disaster Relief Fund

How your donation is used

Humane Society International

HSI Latin America Rescue Team
James Rodriguez/AP Images for HSI

The International Disaster Relief Fund is a continuing, dedicated fund that enables Humane Society International to help animals impacted by natural disasters. The fund supports HSI’s rescue and relief efforts for past, present and future natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, wildfires and oil spills.

Disaster preparation and response-related activities that donations support include:

  • Rescuing and providing temporary shelter to animals in need
  • Renting and outfitting animal-sheltering facilities
  • Purchasing, renting and outfitting rescue vehicles, including trucks and boats
  • Helping lost and displaced animals reunite with their families
  • Hiring disaster-response staff and training staff and volunteer responders
  • Helping shelters and other animal-protection facilities in disaster-affected regions
  • Educating the public about the importance of taking pets with them during disaster evacuations and planning for those evacuations
  • Assisting private humane organizations and federal, state and local officials in preparing for and responding to disasters that affect pets
  • Increasing the infrastructure and capacity of HSI’s disaster response efforts through fundraising, education and awareness raising

Help animals left lost or injured by disaster.

HSI decides how to use donations to the International Disaster Relief Fund based on immediate and long-term needs in the localities affected by the disaster(s). Our priority is always to use donations in the most effective and efficient way possible so that we are always ready to help animals in times of disaster. Give now to support our life-saving work.