HSI Expo Scholarship and Veterinary Training Internship

Humane Society International

  • A past attendee from Sierra Leone. Ronda Churchill

What Is Animal Care Expo?

Animal Care Expo has become an international education conference combined with a full-scale trade show. Hosted by The Humane Society of the United States (The HSUS), the conference attracts the largest gathering of companion animal care and control professionals, vets, rescue workers, shelter professionals and volunteers in the world. For four days, participants attend workshops, exhibits and lectures all to benefit animals across the globe. This annual conference provides an unprecedented chance for professional growth at all levels.

As part of Expo, Humane Society International (HSI) provides an “international track” (also known as “Global Animal Issues Track”) of workshops and other events which are designed specifically for international participants, especially those from countries outside of north america and Europe. Because animal activists around the world often feel isolated, the international track provided at Expo is a much needed connection with others in the field. As part of the Expo program, conference attendees have a chance to interact with colleagues and exchange learning experiences. Participants share their work, the issues and obstacles they must overcome, and the solutions they have found. Though the issues vary from country to country, the experiences shared by these groups proves invaluable across cultural boundaries and presents an opportunity to learn from one another. The sharing and networking that occurs during these forums is perhaps the most important aspect of the conference. Animal Care Expo 2018 attracted more than 2,000 people from more than 43 countries and we expect to be even bigger for Expo 2019.

HSI Scholarship program for international attendees

Although the bulk of Expo focuses on domestic issues, HSI’s participation in Expo has grown progressively over the years. Since 1999, HSI has brought people from across the globe to participate in this conference by providing scholarships to individuals. These individuals, mostly from developing countries, gain knowledge and skills to help run a successful program and campaign in their respective countries. International participants share their programs and projects, the issues and obstacles they must overcome, and the solutions they have found. Though the challenges they face vary, the knowledge shared by these groups provides invaluable across the cultural boundaries and presents an opportunity to learn from others’ experiences. The networking that occurs during Expo is perhaps the most important aspect of the event. Individuals interested in applying for a scholarship must complete a lengthy application process which outlines their financial need, and how much the applicant is able to commit towards attending the conference. HSI strives to distribute valuable funding widely to insure as many as possible can benefit from the Expo experience.

What is the Veterinary Training Internship Program?

HSI offers a Veterinary Training Internship Program to encourage and promote enhanced skill sets of veterinarians from countries around the world. During the training, veterinarians learn all aspects of veterinary medicine including: surgical spay/neuter, pre and post op care, asepsis, and analgesia/anesthesia protocol. For one week prior to Expo, under the Veterinary Internship Program, U.S. humane societies generously host selected internship recipients for supervised veterinary training at their facilities. In addition to individual capabilities and commitment to animal welfare, careful consideration is given to how the applicant’s country of origin fits into HSI’s strategic plan.