MEPs Praised for Voting to Halt EU Funding to Bullfighting Bull Breeders

Humane Society International

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Update: The amendment fell when presented during the Budgets Committee meeting on 29 September.  We are pleased MEPs have pledged to continue to raise this issue in the parliament.

Members of the European Parliament’s Environment Committee have voted to halt EU funding funneled to those who breed bulls for bullfights.

Humane Society International welcomed the vote and, in advance of a full plenary vote, calls on all MEPs to speak out against the bloodsport.

HSI’s EU Director Joanna Swabe said:

Bullfighting is a cruel, outdated bloodsport, which causes immense animal suffering. So we are pleased that ENVI committee members have taken the compassionate stance of voting against allowing EU taxpayers’ money to be channeled to those in the bullfighting industry who benefit from such cruelty. We now urge all MEPs to speak out against the abuse that bulls suffer in the name of entertainment, and ask them to support this amendment when it is voted on at the next plenary session.

The draft amendment (number 6334), tabled by Bas Eickhout (Greens/European Free Alliance), was submitted to the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety Committee debate on the Single Payment Scheme budget. It was adopted after MEPs voted 29 in favour and 11 against, and states: “Appropriations shall not be used for supporting breeding or rearing of bulls used for lethal bull fighting activities.”

Stating the justification for the amendment, the text reads: “The European Convention for the protection of animals kept for farming purposes (Council Directive 98/58/EC) states that these animals should not suffer pain, injury, fear or distress. Clearly these conditions are not met where it concerns bulls that are used for lethal bull-fighting. Therefore, these bulls should not be eligible for the direct CAP aids. The Commission should report on the measures it has taken as a guardian of the Treaties to comply with the Convention.”

The ENVI Committee budget is now expected to be considered by Members of the European Parliament at the next plenary, scheduled to take place in Strasbourg during the week of 15 September.

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