Mexico City Legislature creates Animal Protection Institute as a policy hub for animal welfare

Humane Society International

  • © Michael Pettigrew/iStockphoto

Humane Society International is praising Mexico City’s Legislature for unanimously passed a reform to Mexico City’s Animal Protection Bill to create the Animal Protection Institute of Mexico City. HSI offered technical assistance during the drafting discussions. The Institute will work as a policy hub and will:

  • Coordinate and conduct stray animal population surveys
  • Establish training criteria for officials dealing with animal welfare
  • Coordinate and promote free spay/neuter campaigns
  • Coordinate humane education efforts
  • Issue guidelines for government response to extreme cruelty cases, including dogfights, hoarding and puppy mills
  • Safeguard animal welfare and regulate dog pounds

Anton Aguilar, HSI/Mexico executive director, said: “We are very pleased with the creation of the new Animal Protection Institute of Mexico City, which will coordinate animal welfare policies ranging from humane education to sterilization and anti-cruelty campaigns. Mexico City is making significant strides in animal protection in Mexico and Latin America.”

The reform also:

  • Recognizes animals as sentient and conscious beings
  • Mentions the five freedom principles that define animal welfare as freedom from hunger and thirst; from discomfort; from pain, injury or disease; from fear and distress; and for animals to express their natural behavior.
  • Requires that kennels register before the Institute, and spay/neuter their animals
  • Requires people who leave their animals in an animal shelter to pay for sterilization and vaccination
  • Prohibits the sale of animals at public markets

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