New Life; A Brighter Future

Humane Society International

  • An armful of puppies. Kathy Milani/The HSUS

  • Rescued with her tiny pups. Kathy Milani/The HSUS

  • Pups rest with their mother. Kathy Milani/The HSUS

by Rebecca Aldworth

Yesterday, our team finished our new puppy nursery. We’ve rescued more than 500 dogs from the largest commercial breeding outfit we’ve encountered in Canada, and a number of them either have puppies now or will within days. It is critical that they receive the extra care and attention that they need and have a quiet place to rest.

Our nursery will be the place that puppies will be born and grow until they can be placed with families. It is wonderful to think that these new babies will never know the appalling conditions of the facility their mothers came from, and that their lives will be spent in the safety and comfort of a loving home.

Today, we are focused on bringing more volunteers from across Canada to tend to the rescued puppies and dogs. All of these animals need to be held, walked, and socialized so that they can be adopted out in the coming weeks. Trained animal handlers are required for this, and we are relying on contributions from the public to help us transport these amazing volunteers to Quebec and house them for the duration of the sheltering operation.

Please help us to help these desperate dogs by making a contribution now. With your support, we can make sure each and every one of these beautiful animals gets the second chance they so deserve.