Court rules in favour of the cats in the Kondhwa hoarding case

The cats rescued in September from horrific conditions of hoarding will now be put up for adoption

Humane Society International

  • A tiny survivor. ResQ Charitable Trust

Pune, India—In a landmark judgement, the Court of the First Class Judicial Magistrate, in the case of cat hoarding in Pune, has handed over the custody of the cats to ResQ Charitable Trust, an animal welfare organization in Pune and allowed them to put the cats up for adoption. This follows a six-month long battle in the court after 56 cats were rescued from a two-bedroom apartment from horrendous conditions in Pune.

In September 2017, Humane Society International/India received complaints from Aact India and sprung to action. With the help of ResQ Charitable Trust and People for Animals, the organization coordinated a joint rescue operation to save the cats from an overcrowded apartment in Lulla Nagar, Pune. The animals were found in terrible conditions and were sent to ResQ Charitable Trust for rehabilitation and care.

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In the last order, On March 15th 2018, the court had ordered the accused, who had committed cruelty to these animals to fulfill a bond, so that they could have custody of the animals. However, the accused has failed to do so and abandoned these cats.

Neha Panchamiya, president, ResQ Charitable Trust, said, “Today’s order is a brilliant move and clearly shows that the well-being of the animal is of utmost to the Judiciary. When these cats first came to ResQ, they had longstanding medical ailments due to neglect and were feral in nature because of no human interaction. In the last six months, our team has worked around the clock to ensure that these cats get all the medical care, training and exercises they need to ensure they are healthy, loving and adoptable. The cats have been pampered, given enrichment and have learned to trust humans again. They are between the ages of six months and seven years and will be put up for adoption soon.”

N. G. Jayasimha, managing director HSI India, said: “The way the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Care and Maintenance of Case Property Animals) Rules, 2017 has been used in this case just goes to prove how the new rules can be positively implemented to impact the lives of the animals. We hope these cats will now live a healthy and happy life in their forever homes. Nothing would have been possible without the brilliant co-ordination and coming together of many organizations for one aim – to save these cats.”

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