Awareness Through Artwork

Saving rhinos in Vietnam

Humane Society International

Nguyễn Quỳnh Trâm/Photo by WildAct

Raising awareness

HSI, WildAct Vietnam and the Hanoi Education and Training Department (with sponsorship from the Kingsley Holgate Foundation and Helping Rhinos UK), recently organized an event called Rhino Art Vietnam to raise awareness about rhino conservation and reducing rhino horn consumption. Please, donate to help stop wildlife abuse.

Phạm Quốc Nam/Photo by WildAct

Rhinos at risk

Rhinos are threatened with extinction because of poaching to supply the illegal international trade in rhino horn. Only about 28,000 rhinos of five species exist in the wild today. More than a thousand rhinos were poached in 2013 in South Africa. At this rate, scientists have predicted that rhinos will be extinct by 2020.

Nguyễn Hà Nhung/Photo by WildAct

Mistaken belief

Vietnam is the largest market for rhino horn, as many Vietnamese believe that it will improve health, treat specific aliments, and even cure cancer, although science has proven that rhino horn is not a cure for any human condition. In fact, rhino horn is composed of keratin, the same material that makes up human fingernails and hair.

Nguyễn Tuấn Nam/Photo by WildAct

Sharing concerns

Rhino Art originated in South Africa to provide a platform for children to share how they feel about rhino poaching. Rhino Art Vietnam was launched in May 2014. Over 4,500 students have been reached by Rhino Art Vietnam.

Please, give now to help save rhinos and other wildlife.

Phạm Thành Hưng/Photo by WildAct

Choosing the winners

The project team visited each of 20 schools to give a short talk on rhinos and the poaching crisis. They then left a template for each of student to complete. Later, they returned to collect the 2,000 entries, which were judged by WildAct Vietnam, Humane Society International, Helping Rhinos and the Hanoi Education and Training Department.

The six winners–Nguyễn Quỳnh Trâm, Nguyễn Hà Nhung, Nguyễn Tuấn Nam, Phạm Thành Hưng, Bùi Thị Kiều Trinh and Phạm Quốc Nam–will receive a chaperoned trip to South Africa to attend the first-ever World Youth Rhino Summit, to be held on World Rhino Day, September 22, 2014.

Bùi Thị Kiều Trinh/Photo by WildAct

Encouraging results

“We are very impressed by the dedication of so many young Vietnamese students to helping to protect rhinos from poaching by reducing demand for rhino horn in Viet Nam,” said HSI Director of Wildlife Dr. Teresa Telecky. “The messages expressed in their artwork are sure to bring tremendous hope to people around the world who are concerned about the future of rhinos.” Help us stop rhino poaching and other forms of wildlife abuse.

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