Yucatán holds its third cruelty-free San Bartolo Festival

Humane Society International

IZAMAL, YUCATÁN, Mexico—The San Bartolo Festival in Izamal took place without cruelty to animals once again this year. It has been three years since Kots Kaal Pato, an event at which participants broke piñatas filled with live animals and slit the throats of ducks. These activities areno longer part of the festivities, thanks to the efforts of local authorities, working in cooperation with Humane Society International (HSI).

In 2016, HSI, together with authorities from the Catholic Church and local animal protection organizations, entered into an agreement with the mayor of Izamal, Warnel May Escobar, to hold these festivities without inflicting pain on animals.

This year, tribute was paid to San Bartolo once again with cruelty–free activities like traditional sports, games and competitions, with the winners taking home a small prize.

According to Felipe Márquez, manager of the HSI/Mexico program against animal cruelty, “We are extremely gratified that the people of Izamal have once again responded positively. This is the third year the event has been cruelty-free, which is a testament to the compassion of the community and shows that the work we have been doing to raise public awareness yields positive results. Festivals can be held without abuse.”

Local authorities and representatives of animal protection organization AFAD were also present at the event.

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