Humane Society International calls for further charges against Yarmouth fishermen accused of abusing and killing seal pup

Humane Society International

  • Mark Glover

In the wake of media reports of three Yarmouth based men allegedly kicking, tormenting, and killing a baby seal, Humane Society International/Canada Executive Director Rebecca Aldworth issued the following statement:

“The wanton cruelty exhibited on video by three individuals from Yarmouth County, who mercilessly abused and killed a seal pup, is shameful and must be fully investigated and prosecuted. While apparent violations of the Fisheries Act are shown in this video, we believe the evidence could warrant further charges under Nova Scotia’s Animal Protection Act and Canada’s Criminal Code. We are calling upon local humane authorities to pursue these charges.”

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  • The men are reportedly facing three charges under the Fisheries Act, after members of the public alerted authorities to a video posted on Facebook.
  • The video shows a seal pup being taunted, poked and kicked on a fishing vessel. Participants in the abuse then discuss killing the seal with a “big machete.” Fisheries officials confirmed the seal was killed, though the video does not show this. A disturbing photo of the seal pup with a bloodied face, being held by a man, was also posted online.
  • In January 2013, three individuals beat 50 nursing grey seal pups and their mothers to death on a beach on Prince Edward Island. HSI/Canada provided a $5,000 reward to the individual who helped identify the guilty parties.

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