Nearly 74,000 signatures in favor of making cruelty-free fiesta in Yucatan permanent

Nearly 500 students joined humane education classes

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MEXICO CITY—Close to 74,000 people have signed an online petition by Humane Society International/México to support Izamal Mayor Warnel May Escobar in the transformation of a cruel Yucatan fiesta into a humane celebration.

Last year, HSI and local animal protection organizations succeeded in transforming Kots Kaal Pato fiesta, a terrible tradition in Izamal (Yucatan), Mexico consisting of stringing up small animals like piñatas and beating them to death or cutting off their heads. HSI signed an agreement with Mayor Escobar last April to continue to collaborate on providing non-cruel alternatives to celebrate the fiesta. This April 29, the new and more humane San Bartolo Fiesta is scheduled to take place instead.

HSI launched a humane education program in Izamal last week, providing lectures and education materials for nearly 500 students, spanning from kindergarten to junior high-school levels.

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Claudia Edwards, HSI/Mexico programs director, said: “Izamal students were extremely responsive and eager to learn about animal welfare and the importance of caring for animals. We are excited about new generations’ sensibility and humane attitudes.”

HSI will continue promoting the organization of “fiestas” in which no animal will be injured or killed. These will include traditional sports and contests that provide cruelty-free entertainment for the people of Izamal. We praise Mayor Escobar for his commitment to this important transformation.

Cruel festivities in which different kinds of animals are abused take place on a regular basis across Mexico. Consolidating the humane transformation of the Izamal fiesta is vital to prove that traditions can evolve as societies’ values become more considerate and compassionate. Take action now to help.

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