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1. How can I apply to work/volunteer with HSI?

Thank you for your interest in helping animals! Here’s where you can see our openings:

It’s often best to get involved where you’re based. You can use this directory to find groups based on your interest.

2. How can I report animal abuse posted online?

We know how disturbing these types of displays are, and sincerely thank you for your concern. Unfortunately, it is exceedingly difficult to obtain animal cruelty prosecutions in cases where alleged animal abuse is posted online, because of the difficulty in identifying the date and location of the abuse, as well as the identity of the abuser. Look here for more information, including how to file a report.

Give now to support our life-saving work.

3. Can HSI come to my country and help – we have thousands of street dogs suffering?

At this time, HSI is focused on specific areas in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Pacific. We partner with governments and local organizations so that our programs will be sustainable in the long term. Once we pass programs on to our local partners, we can start new programs in other locations. We have resources for organizations and individuals who would like to help street dogs in their own country at For further inquiries, please write to

4. Can you help an injured animal I found/saw/etc.?

The need for our help is so great, and our resources are very limited. We’re a charity, and not adequately funded to be able to help as much as we’d like with very worthy specific cases. While it’s painful to us that any animal suffers, with limited resources, we can’t help with every one of the many, many stories people report to us, so our focus is on institutionalized changes that will have a sustainable and lasting impact on animals’ living conditions, rather than on situations involving individual animals (for example, we can’t help every abused horse we hear about, but are working to pass a law to end horse slaughter). Our suggestions for the specific groups who do extensive work locally are better positioned to help with cases like this; we encourage you to reach out to them to see whether they can help. You can search for organizations by location here.

5. Can you help these animals at a zoo/captive facility/etc.?

We simply don’t have the capacity to help out with situations like this; however, some like-minded organizations do.

For cases of zoo or captive animal abuse, please contact the Born Free Foundation. This organization has a ZooCheck program that monitors zoos across the globe.

Additionally, Wild Welfare’s sole purpose is to work with zoos to promote animal welfare. We recommend reaching out to them as well.

We thank you for your compassion in wanting to help these animals in need.

6. Can you help this animal in the U.S.?

We recommend reaching out to our affiliate, The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), as they work to protect animals in the U.S. You can learn more about their work here and find their contact information here.

7. Does signing action alerts have an actual effect?

Yes! Our petitions and online action alerts not only give our supporters and members a way to help when they may not be able to assist other ways; they have also succeeded in changing laws and making positive strides for animal welfare. Please keep signing our action alerts and spreading the word to let others know how they can help, too!

8. What’s the breakdown of your spending/where do my donations go?

We are very careful in spending donations from our generous donors. Eighty-five percent of our funds go toward animal protection programs, from ending the cruel dog meat trade to fighting egregious forms of wildlife abuse. Through our rescue efforts, disaster response, veterinary clinics, and our work empowering local organizations, we serve a critical and expanding role in reducing animal suffering around the world. Only 10 percent goes toward fundraising and 5 percent for administrative costs. You can get a full breakdown of our finances here. See donation-related FAQs here.

9. Can you take in a stray/pet I do not want?

HSI doesn’t have a facility to take in strays, nor do we facilitate surrenders or adoptions. We recommend reaching out to your local humane society and/or rescue organization to see if they can help. You can search for organizations by location here.

10. How can I help besides donating?

Thank you so much for your support! The best way you can help other than donating is by signing our action alerts, sharing our social media posts and spreading the word to raise awareness about our various campaigns. We truly appreciate your standing by our side and wanting to help animals worldwide.