Chinese Government Urged to Stop Yulin Dog Meat Festival

HSI Delivers Petition Letters to Chinese Embassies in North America and Europe

Humane Society International

Humane Society International CEO and President Andrew Rowan, Ph.D. sent a letter to the Chinese embassy to the United States urging the Chinese government to stop the Yulin dog meat festival, where thousands of dogs are slaughtered for meat. Rowan contacted the ambassadors on behalf of more than 110,000 HSI supporters and members, who signed a petition calling for the end of the gruesome festival. The letters were also sent to the Chinese embassies in Canada and the United Kingdom as well as Yulin and Guangxi officials.

In the letter, Rowan stated: “Since its inception in 2009, the Yulin mass dog slaughter for the summer solstice celebration has attracted worldwide criticism.

“Right now, dogs are being cruelly bound, confined, trucked and slaughtered over long distances,” the letter continued. “Mass transport, slaughter, and consumption of dog meat during the summer solstice are high-risk activities against which responsible governments must intervene.”

HSI staff members, working with HSI’s partner group Asia for Animals Coalition, are in Yulin observing the preparations for the festival. They’ve joined thousands of activists and protesters in rallies against the festival that have taken place throughout China.

Peter Li, HSI’s China specialist, reports that all signs in restaurants advertising dog meat have been removed and dishes featuring dog meat have been taken off the menu. The slaughter continues to take place behind the scenes, and traumatized, sick and dying dogs are still found in crammed in cages awaiting to be slaughtered in front of other dogs.

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