Nepal Earthquake: HSI Ready to Provide Disaster Relief, Animal Needs Assessment

Humane Society International

  • The countryside before the disaster. Kuni Takahashi/AP Images for HSI

Humane Society International’s Animal Rescue Team is ready to deploy in response to the earthquake in Nepal, in support of local agencies or animal welfare groups in the strike zone.

“Our entire animal rescue team is on standby to deploy at a moment’s notice in support of the animals and people of Nepal,” said Rahul Sehgal, Director Asia at Humane Society International.  “We understand the human dimensions of the catastrophe, now the focus of media coverage, but we expect to learn more about animal-related needs and challenges in the hours and days ahead, and we’ll be ready to help.”

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As specific needs emerge, HSI’s disaster response team will cooperate with Animal Welfare Network Nepal to rescue and provide temporary shelter for animals in need; to rent and outfit animal sheltering facilities and rescue vehicles, including trucks; to help reunite lost animals with their families; and to aid local shelters and other animal protection facilities in disaster-affected regions. HSI is also prepared to channel donations of supplies to animal shelters now taking in animals because of the earthquake.

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