HSI is working to save more than 100 million animals from suffering and death in laboratories around the world.

Safety Testing and Health Research for the 21st Century

HSI’s team of scientists and policy experts work across the globe to see outdated animal tests replaced with cutting-edge non-animal techniques. Join our End Animal Testing campaign to promote science without suffering and read our new report "Advancing Safety Science and Health Research with Innovative, Non-Animal Tools" to find out more about the technology revolution taking place in pharmaceutical and chemical safety testing.

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  • Advancing Humane Science

    Imagine a world where lab rats are replaced by lab robots, with high-tech computer models instead of lethal tests on animals. It's not science fiction—it's the new scientific mainstream. New tools

  • Be Cruelty-Free

    From Europe to Brazil, Canada, India and beyond, our Be Cruelty-Free campaign is working to achieve a world where no animal has to suffer to test cosmetics. Take the pledge

  • Chemical & Product Testing

    Nine out of every 10 new drugs that appear safe and effective in animals turn out to be unsafe or ineffective in people. Time for a change? Reducing requirements

  • Biomedical Research

    Health research aims to discover the causes of human illnesses and to prevent or treat them, but the benefits of today’s health research are becoming harder to see. Failure of animal models


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  • About Animal Testing

    Health research and safety testing still rely heavily on methods developed more than half a century ago, despite evidence that animal "models" are often poor predictors of real-world human responses. Get the FAQs here

  • Science Blog

    Dr Lindsay Marshall, HSI Science Communications Officer, writes about the latest in animal-free advances in medical research.On scienceblog.com

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