HSI works to ensure there’s no safe haven for dogfighters worldwide by facilitating legislation to criminalize and sufficiently penalize dogfighting. We also work to strengthen existing law enforcement by providing free training on investigating and prosecuting illegal animal cruelty and fighting.


Dogfighting dog rescued

1-2 hours

Average length of dogfights

Dog rescued from dogfighting


Countries where dogfighting is banned to some extent

Dog rescued from dogfighting


States in the U.S. where dogfighting is a felony

The issue

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HSI catalyzes legislative reform and assists law enforcement in countries where dogfighting is prevalent by providing investigative expertise and training on how to penetrate the secret world of dogfighting and bring dogfighters to justice. We also support and train local animal groups in building successful government partnerships to care for and rehabilitate animals rescued in raids.

Facts about dogfighting:

  • Dogfighting is abusive—fighting dogs are repeatedly subjected to severe injury and sometimes a drawn-out death.
  • Several countries have no specific dogfighting prohibition and lack basic animal cruelty laws; many countries have weak, partial or unenforced laws.
  • While dogfighting has decreased in the U.S. thanks to stronger penalties and enforcement, many dogfighters have found refuge in countries that lack laws or enforcement.
  • There has been an increase in dogfighting activities and breeding facilities in many countries, notably Mexico, India and parts of Eastern Europe.
  • Dogs are being imported from the U.S. for dogfighting operations worldwide.
  • Children are sometimes present at dogfights, which promote insensitivity to animal suffering, enthusiasm for violence and disrespect for the law.
  • Dogfighting is not only heinously cruel, it’s also associated with other violent behaviors and criminal activities.
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Our work in action


More you can do

1. Recognize the signs of possible dogfighting

2. In the U.S. and Costa Rica, urge officials to contact The HSUS and HSI for practical tools, advice and assistance. You may earn a reward for reporting suspected dogfighting via our tip lines (in the U.S., 877-TIP-HSUS; in Costa Rica, 8625-6000).

3. In the UK, where dogfighting is illegal, report it to the League Against Cruel Sports’ Animal Crimewatch team.

4. Law enforcement or prosecutor? Contact us for more information or to schedule training.

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