Workplace Giving

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Workplace giving programs allow employees to make regular donations to eligible charities through their companies’ payroll system. Employees may contribute a set amount per paycheck, or make a one-time gift.

How does workplace giving work?

You determine the charities you choose to support and pledge a tax-deductible (if applicable in your country) donation amount. Your pledged donation amount is automatically deducted from payroll, offering a convenient means of giving — and the potential to make an even greater impact by year-round sustained giving, without losing the potential tax benefits of charitable giving.

In the United States, many workplaces — from private companies, military organizations, and federal, state and city governments — coordinate charitable giving during a specified open enrollment period.

Why give to Humane Society International?

No matter how much you choose to donate per paycheck or with a one-time contribution, your donations help us seek a humane and sustainable world for all animals — a world that will also benefit people.

Humane Society International works around the globe to promote the human-animal bond, protect street animals, support farm animal welfare, stop wildlife abuse, curtail and eliminate painful animal testing, and confront cruelty to animals in all of its forms. With the support of advocates and donors, and a great depth of technical and scientific expertise, HSI has helped to build greater awareness, to improve animal care, and to help enact strong legislation and policy to protect animals throughout the world. HSI supports local animal advocates and organizations in numerous countries worldwide to provide direct, hands-on care to animals in need and to spread the culture of compassion. HSI strikes at the root of problems affecting animals by providing the tools and resources to prevent animal suffering both now and in the future.

Contributions to Humane Society International are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law in your country. HSI’s tax identification number is 52-1769464. (For donations made from the UK, please note that HSI/UK is registered in England and Wales as charity number 1098925, company number 4610194. For donations made in Canada, please note that donations to HSI/Canada are not tax-deductible. Nonprofit organizations in Canada that lobby to change government policy are generally denied charitable status.)

Humane Society International is approved by the Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance (BBBWGA) for all 20 standards for charity accountability. HSI’s parent organization, The Humane Society of the United States, is also approved for all 20 BBBWGA standards, was voted by Guidestar’s Philanthropedia experts as the #1 high-impact animal protection group, and was named by Worth Magazine as one of the 10 most fiscally responsible charities in the USA.

How to sign up for workplace giving

United States federal government employees: Military and federal employees can give through the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). You can find us under America’s Charities Federation or alphabetically listed as “Humane Society International.” The CFC number is 67938.

United States city and state government employees: Local municipality, city and state employees can give to HSI by selecting Humane Society International by name and Tax Identification #52-1769464.

Private company employees: Many employees can give to the charity of their choice through their workplace giving campaign. If you don’t see HSI listed in your company’s campaign, simply type or write in “Humane Society International, Tax Identification #52-1769464, Address: 1255 23rd Street, NW, Suite 450, Washington, DC 20037” within the form provided by your employer.

If you’re a current workplace giving donor with questions or seeking information, please contact

Thank you for your generosity. Your compassionate donation will help prevent suffering and save lives.


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