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Invest in a better world for all animals with the gift of securities


Why give stocks and bonds?

  1. It’s easy. Simply call your financial advisor with the details listed below.
  2. It saves you money. When you donate investments, you avoid capital gains tax, plus you receive a receipt for the full value of the donation.
  3. It’s effective. It’s a powerful way to create a big impact, bolstering our work and creating long-lasting change for all animals.


Choose your method of stock delivery:

Electronic delivery through Depository Trust Company (DTC)

DTC# 0443 Pershing, LLC
Our account: N7M001715
Contact: BNY Capital Markets Jorja Watts 412-234-0439


Physical stock certificates

Physical Certificates and the required paperwork will be sent directly to Pershing LLC., our clearing broker dealer. Please contact Jorja Watts at 412-234-0439 or for additional instructions.


Mutual Funds and Foreign Security Gifts

Please contact Jorja Watts at BNY Mellon Capital Markets to check on the ability to accept the mutual fund and coordinate delivery. Phone 412-234-0439 or email


Give us a call!

Please let us know in advance about your incoming gift so we can properly acknowledge your donation. Electronic security transfers do not necessarily provide us with your information. Please provide the following to Kimberlee Dinn at or 866-614-4371

  • Your name, address and other contact information.
  • Name of the security.
  • Number of shares and estimated value.
  • Approximate transfer date and transferring brokerage firm.

Mutual fund donations

Mutual fund companies have varying rules when transferring ownership of shares. Please contact your mutual fund company and Kimberlee Dinn at or 866-614-4371 to facilitate the process.

U.S. donors

  • To receive the appropriate tax deduction, a receipt
    from a charity is required for gifts over $250.
  • Security gifts are subject to the IRS deduction limits.
  • A securities charitable value is determined by the date
    the security is received in a charities-designated account.


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